Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinner can be Painful!

Yesterday I was so excited to be cooking a new recipe!  I get really excited about these things.  The town I live in doesn't have much by the way of a food "experience", so occasionally I like to do really fun stuff at home for my family.  Yesterday on the menu was the Marlboro Mans Steak Sandwich, and Onion Rings both from the Pioneer Woman's cookbook. 

I was so excited to try it!  I looked like something we would order from a menu when out of town.  My husband loves steak sandwiches!  I had also been told by my sister than everything she had been making out of this cookbook was to die for!  This was my first recipe from her book!

However, I should have taken cue from the family.  Everyone who had entered into the kitchen during the final cooking stages kept saying, Ew, gross!  What stinks in here.

The verdict:  Cube Steak is not my thing....or my family's.  Not sure I loved the flavor either....seasoned salt seems more of a poultry thing to me.  Onion strings were fabulous though...added a dip from Paula Deen for those that were delicious!  Confession - I ate the sandwich....the whole thing....pretending to love it in hopes of tantalizing someone to feel the same joy.  My cute 4 year old Ryder, gave me some real attempts.
So what do you do when you painstakingly prepare a meal for your family and nobody eats it?  Tie them to the chair and force feed?  A thought I entertained last night as 2 of the 4 kids were crying about it.  I had everyone try it ... thank goodness for the onion strings, salad, and fruit. 

I have definitely not given up on the Pioneer Woman's cookbook, I will be crossing this one out though (I do that to my cookbooks).  Her lasagna is on the menu for today. 

Hope Grandmas dog likes cube steak.