Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring Break Hick Style

Our spring break was in March.  We had some cousins come to visit and we decided to head out to a place 20 minutes from my house that I had never been to.  We intended to have a picnic and play near the river. 

(this is Ryder and Navy look like twins but 2 years in age difference)
The kids ended up stripping down to their skivvies and playing in the water.  From 13 years old down to 2.  Everyone swimming in their undies.  We looked like a bunch of hicks come out to play.   

No pictures of this girl in her underwear!  Ranger was the only lucky kid in a swimsuit!

Anyways, farmers can’t go too far in the spring.  There is work to be done to get ready for planting!  My kids said it was more fun than Magic Mountain.  So for  free hick time in the sun take your kids skinny dipping in the river!

Make sure to bring some cute cowboys to supervise!


jhow said...

Where are you guys in the pics with the rock wall behind the kids it looks like a beautiful spot for a get away

Anonymous said...
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