Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fixins'

The #1 thing I do to stay organized is have a menu!  If I don't know what's for dinner I practically function.  Yeah, I love food, LOVE {cooking} food!  Adore eating food....dishes not so much.  I like to create my menus thursday and shop on friday's.  This way I guarantee I have what I need for the weekend.  When my family is home and we can soak up eachother for 2 full days, there is nothing I hate more than spending that precious time in the checkout line at the grocery store!

I recently read a blog post by one of the sisters from The Sisters Cafe blog and it reminded me of all the reasons I love cooking for my family and sitting around a table with them.  You can read Melanies post here.

Also be sure to check out her monday menu ideas here.  All of her ideas look so awesome, I'd love to have a seat at her dinner table!

You will see my menu has some quirks to it.  We have salad and fruit EVERY meal!  I also have themes to my planning, but I will go into that another time.  I also try to only serve meat for dinner once or twice a week.

My menu:

Friday - Date night!  WOO HOO!  Leftovers for kids!
Saturday -  New recipe from Pioneer Woman - steak sandwich and onion rings....sure to be delightfull!
        Salad, and fruit
Sunday - Lasagna, homemade french bread, green beans, salad, fruit
Monday - Homemade Pizza, salad, fruit
Tuesday - Pinto Beans, grilled corn salad, green salad, fruit, corn bread.
Wednesday - Baked potato bar with homemade chili, brocolli, green salad and fruit
Thursday - Use up Pinto beans with bean burros (that's what they call a burrito here in AZ) and tostados,
         Salad, and fruit.

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Melanie Anne said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today and yes of course you can link to my post:) I am flattered! have fun with your new blog! Looks great so far! I am with you on the trying to get organized for 2011! happy new year!