Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walks on the farm

Part of my "grand family plan" has been to slow down some things. 

We rejoiced and shouted praises of hallelujah when soccer season ended last fall!  3 different soccer games every saturday was enough to do me in!

Then in the new year we have taken a break from Gymnastics. 

Quiting Gymanstics was a hard one for me.  I had to do reassuring self talk that my kids would still be valuable and successful human beings without mastering a back flip. 

After 3 weeks into being gymnastics quitters we I (the girls are still emotionally coping) am LOVING it!

They have time for helping at home and just playing with eachother!  It has been the best decision ever. 

It also freed up time for this walk the other day.

I have always loved to take walks.  There is something completely relaxing to me about them unless you add this brood to the plan.

(the farm looks so barren this time of year)

They planned this walk on Tuesday for Saturday and haven't let me forget about it for a second since the lovely plan was constructed.

I tried my best to be patient.... we had fun.  I was glad there was nowhere else I needed to be than here with my kids! 

It seems that when we get out and do things like this it always prompts interesting conversations with my kids.  The favorite of this walk I think was about how their grandma was bit by a rabid cat when she was three.  And she had to get 16 shots in her stomach.  That was certainly the worst pain my kids could EVER imagine!  We are so blessed!

What gets you talking with your kiddos?

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Brooke said...

I love to sit down with my kids at bedtime and talk with them. It usually ends up being about their day, which sometimes leads to something more interesting (like your rabid cat story). Wish we could take a walk today, it'll have to be in a couple of months though, it's just too cold.