Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fixins'

The kids helped me plan out the menu for the upcoming week.  It's a little different....

Friday - Minestrone Soup, salad, breadsticks with alfredo sauce, sparkling cider

Saturday - Pigs in a blanket, salad, broccoli, fruit salad

Sunday - Beans, tortillas, fruit, green salad, make sugar cookies together

Monday- Pizza (no weired kinds, just pepperoni and cheese, thick not thin crust) Salad, fruit

FHE treat - Banana Cream pie

Tuesday - Homemade fired up mac &cheese w/ bacon in it....don't ask  Salad, green beans, fruit w/ bananas

Wednesday - Salad night (got this idea from a good friend)  Basically variety of lettuce w/ every raw veggie I think my kids will eat.  I also get some sliced chicken, cubed ham, cheese cubes, and corn bread

Thursday - DATE NIGHT - kids eat cheese crisp / cereal / fruit / leftovers.

It always feels SO good to have the menu planned.  No wondering for the rest of the week!

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