Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday Fixins'

Do you ever stumble upon one of those blogs that has a million followers and wonder how in the world you could NEVER have heard of them?

Boy howdy did that ever happen to me!  I was glancing through the most recent copy of my LDS Living magazine when I saw an article for a new cookbook coming out and the girls had a blog.  Well, the taquitos looked awesome,  {I’m a big fan of dipping my food}, so I made a mental note and never even read the article – no time! 

This evening between piles of clean towels and ones still covered in the most recent barfing adventures of my 2 year old, I started to jot down my menus for the next two weeks and {ah, ha hallelujah praises} my brain actually remembered something that I wanted it too!  Chicken taquitos!
[he is not this cute when he is throwing up]
So, I googled the website and found this awesome blog that has like 6 thousand followers, gorgeous content, and thought, “what the crap? How come I’ve never heard of them?”  {Sigh}  I felt so left out?
Perhaps you yourself are feeling left out too.  I’m telling you cute, cute, cute is the word over there at their blog!  Loved it!  Anyway, I now have about 47 new recipes printed out and waiting to try….too bad the majority of them are sweets…like this chcoclate mousse crunch cake.  I will never lose my 10 lbs., so long as there is this and French bread smothered in butter!
So on for this week’s menu:
Friday- Chicken Taquitos , black beans, fruit, salad, chips and guacamole
Saturday – Pizza!  So, so delicious!
Sunday – We haven’t had a roast in forever so we’ll be having crockpot roast beef, rice pilaf, salad, cauliflower, carrots, rolls
Monday -  Cheesy scalloped potatoes w/ ham and corn
Tuesday – 3 cheese manicotti, salad, broccoli, and fruit
Wed – leftovers or breakfast for dinner
Thursday – date night!
I love leftovers and date night next to each other.  Two nights off! 


Brooke said...

So what is the recipe blog name??????

Leiah said...

you can click on chicken taquitos...which we had and they were AMAZING! it will take you right to the blog...